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ORBIWELD 38 S, 76 S, 115 S & 170 S

Totally enclosed, extra thin orbital tube welding heads yet with extremely high duty cycle because of powerful water cooling.

Because of its extremely small dimensions, the ORBIWELD S series is the perfect solution for applications with tight access
restrictions frequently found in pharmaceutical, aerospace, food & beverage and similar areas.

These models include all the other features of the ORBIWELD range of totally enclosed tube weld heads such as the:

  • Quick change collet system 
  • Remote controls in the handle of the welding head 
  • Collets for all common fittings and elbows 

Welding Range

OW38S 3mm - 38mm OD

OW76S 6mm - 77mm OD

OW115S 20mm - 115mm OD

OW170S 50mm - 170mm OD

Download Literature OW Enclosed Weld Heads or watch Video Video



OW Enclosed


 OW76s 2


ORBIWELD 65, 115 & 170 Production

Totally enclosed, heavy duty orbital tube welding heads with extremely high duty cycle because of powerful water cooling.

With the new ORBIWELD PRODUCTION series ORBIMATIC has designed a weldhead range, which is distinguished by its high thermal load capacity.

This development had been brought on by the changing requirements from the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food-processing industries. Now there are new applications with increased wall-thickness requiring more heat-resistant weldheads.

With specially designed water channels running completely throughout the whole weldhead body, a highly efficient heat exchange was created. This allows nearly continuous weld cycles even with high currents and high duty cycles.

Welding Range

OW65 6mm - 70mm OD

OW115 20mm - 115mm OD

OW170 50mm - 170mm OD

Download Literature OW Enclosed Weld Heads



Pulled T

U Bend


ORBIWELD VK19 Micro Orbital Weld Head

The VK 19 weld head with its rugged but extremely small design provides very high duty cycle production rates through an integral water-cooled body design.

The VK 19 weld head has been designed for welding applications especially in:

– Semiconductor industry
– Aircraft / Aerospace
– Pharmaceutical industry
– High-purity water installations
– Laboratory / Instrumentation
– High production rate part manufacturing
– Portable on-site repair and installation

Off-the-shelf fixture kits for the VK 19 are available for the welding of micro fittings and VCR glands.

Welding Range

VK19 3mm - 19.05mm OD

Download Literature OW Enclosed Weld Heads 

(Scroll down, as the VK19 is on page 2 of the literature)





VK 19



ORBIWELD OW12 Micro Orbital Weld Head

The ORBIMATIC ORBIWELD 12 Micro Weld Head, is extremely compact in design and the has several cartridge options, offering a unique flexibility.

The head is designed with an internal water cooling systems which gives the ORBIWELD 12 high operating duty cycles despite is compact design.

When combined with the ORBIMAT range of Orbital Welding Power Supplies you will get a highly advanced orbital welding system which offers full flexibility.

Welding Range

OW12 3mm - 12.7mm OD

Download Literature OW Enclosed Weld Heads



OW12 fitting

OW12 Cartridge



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