Orbital Ltd Products

Orbital Tools Ltd Products

Orbital Tools Ltd product list comprises closed and open weld heads for all sizes of tube welding, tube to tube sheet weld heads and a full catalogue of orbital pipe cutters, bevellers and tube preparation tools. In addition all required accessories are available.

BRB 2 Electric
Boiler Pipe Tube Bevellers
PS 4.5
Portable Tube Saws
Portable tube cutting is now easy! Cut thin-walled stainless-steel tubes and elbows (up to 3mm thick) using the superior 'planetary cutting technology'. Deformation-free clamping system by integrated clamping jaws made from hardened aluminum-cast for different tube diameters.
GFX 3.0
Bench Mounted Tube Saws
MRA Metal Tube Cutter
Manual Manual Tube Cutters
Enclosed Weld Heads
Totally enclosed, extra thin to heavy duty orbital tube welding heads with extremely high duty cycle because of powerful integral water cooling. For use in pharmaceutical, aerospace, food & beverage and similar areas. These models include a quick change collet system, remote controls in the handle of the welding head and collets for all common fittings and elbows.
Open Weld Heads
Forget everything you know about open arc weld heads! Our open weld heads come with or without cold-wire-feeding and their compact and revolutionary design of the drive system makes large & bulky drive mechanisms a thing of the past.
Tube To Tube Sheet Weld Heads
With our tube to tube sheet welding heads, it is not a problem to weld tubes to tube sheets with the greatest of accuracy and consistent quality. Together with the our range of welding power supplies you will get a state-of-the-art welding system with multiple choices, but easy to operate.
Power Supply Power Sources
ESG Plus
Tungsten Grinder Accessoriess
Wireless cavity Inspection Camera
Inspection Camera Accessoriess
Video Borescope.
Industrial Video Borescope Accessoriess
Orbitwin SW Switching Device
Switching Device Power Supplys
Orbicool Active
Accessories Cooling Devices
TX 38P
Orbital Tube To Tubes

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