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Purging & Oxygen Monitoring

Please Contact Us for all your Purging or Oxygen Monitoring requirements.

We are positive that our vast range will meet any of your requirements.

Some of our Oxygen monitors can test down to 1ppm and can be connected to the Orbimatic Orbital Welding Systems.

Purging Systems 



Purge Systems

This is just a small sample of the range of purge systems we can offer.

Please Contact Us for more details of your specific applications.


Box Kits available to cover a whole range of pipe sizes.


Paper Dam


Water-soluble paper dams are a cost-effective way to reduce weld oxidation, save time needed for purging and the amount of purging gas used. The prefabricated dams are available for all standard pipe diameters and can be easily installed and removed from the pipe using hot or cold water once the weld has been completed.



Purge Fingers for small diameter tubes

Range 9mm - 44mm ID





Purge Systems with wheels


Purge systems for sheet/metal box sections.





Purge Sets for diameter tubes

Range 25mm - 410mm ID


Oxygen Monitoring

When using the orbital welding process, the most effective way to ensure a consistent and clean internal weld profile is use a back purge with a very low oxygen concentration. The only way to ensure that this oxygen concentration is low enough is to use an accurate measuring instrument.
In the past manual welders often used formulas with time, flow rate and volume which give very rough indications and which are not precise enough for many applications.
Even simple and low priced measuring units are no longer matching the requirements in Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Semiconductor Industry.

Orbimatic ORB1001 Oxygen Monitor 

ORBIMATIC has designed the ORB1001 system, which works with high precision but nevertheless is very easy in operation and very economically priced.

Furthermore the ORB 1001 allows optionally interfacing with all ORBIMAT C power-sources with several possibilities of process controlling as well as PC interfacing.


Orb1001 Purge Monitor

Ionalysis Oxygen Monitors

The Ionalysis Oxygen Monitors are designed specifically for the welding industry where the monitoring of purge gasses is important.

It is microprocessor-controlled, rechargeable, battery powered portable oxygen monitoring device.

It is highly robust, and is designed to be used in an industrial environment.

The monitor facilitates continuous measurement of the oxygen content of back-shielding gasses during the entire purging and welding process.



Ionalysis Oxygen Monitors

Weldwide Weld Gas Analysers

The Argo-Naught 2010 Weld Gas Analyser is a top range oxygen monitor for weld purging.

It is hermetically sealed, preventing contamination of the inside and the sensor.

The 100 % air- and water-tight housing makes it ideal for use in wet or sandy conditions and ensures a measurement of an accuracy never experienced before.


WWS Oxy Mon


 Don't forget that we can supply spare parts for all our machines and also on site training.

Please Contact Us if you can not find what you are looking for.


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