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Weld Cleaning Equipment

We can supply a whole range of Bymat Cleaners, but the most popular model is show below.

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BYMAT (1024 RS) -  Stainless Steel Cleaner

 5 applications in one unit: 

  • Cleaning 
  • Electropolishing 
  • Light marking 
  • Dark marking 
  • Electroplating 

The most up-to-date technology and an impressive process permit a completely new method for cleaning welded seams, which puts an end to the disadvantages of mechanical or chemical processes and replaces them by an electrolytic process. T

his all takes place in the workshop simply, cost-effectively and cleanly. It is not harmful to man and is environmentally and product-friendly.

The user-friendly 3-way switch supplies the necessary current:

  • Cleaning / embossing dark (alternating current /AC) 
  • Polishing / embossing light (direct current/DC+) 
  • Electroplating / metal plating (direct current/DC-) 

The voltage regulation takes place variably via a rotary switch.


BYMAT 1024





BYMAT 1024



Don't forget that we can supply spare parts for all our machines and also on site training.

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