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Orbital Tools can supply a vast range of Weld Lathes.

Standard or engineered to meet your requirements.

These range from manual adjustment to pneumatic driven.

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OM Weld Lathe

The ORBIMATIC Welding Lathe can interface to any ORBIMAT orbital-welding power supply, with all the benefits of the most advanced orbital welding supplies.

AVC, Oscillation, Fast Flow Purging are just some of the options available with the Orbimatic Power Sources.

The weld lathe can be Infinitely adjustable tail stock saddle is locked securely in place by pneumatic locking system.

The torch tower is moved on an easy-glide rail and has a smooth action torch geometry setting system to make it simple to lock the welding torch into the perfect position.

The arc gas is controlled by means of a mechanical compensation system to give a steady arc voltage during rotation.

Rotation of the lathe is controlled by a tacho-feed back which ensures a consistent weld profile.

ORBIMATIC welding lathes can be tailored to suit any application, no matter how large or small the component.


Don't forget that we can supply spare parts for all our machines and also on site training.

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