TX 38P Orbital Tube To Tube
The orbital TIG weld head from Orbitalum for manufacturing pipe-to-pipe-sheet connections guarantees extremely short production times of industrial heat exchanges at constantly high reproducible quality. Also excellently suitable for repair, maintenance and servicing work.

Welding heat exchanger tubes particular effectively and easily: With our TX 38P for automated TIG orbital welding you can now accurately and precisely weld tube sheets with heat exchanger tubes, such as thou- sands of welded joints on cooling tubes.
In connection with an ORBITALUM orbital welding power supply, the user is being offered an extremely innovative and economical welding system: All ORBITALUM orbital welding power sources automatically detect the head and its properties so that the operator only has to call up his or her specified joining program and start the joining process before beginning to weld.
Key Features
Pneumatic clamping and centering
Liquid-cooled welding head housing
One-hand operation
Quick change system for arbors Integrated control panel Chambered shielding gas cover



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